Worker's Compensation

Lafayette Orthopaedic Clinic understands how orthopaedic pain and/or injury impacts your employees. That’s why our experienced team of doctors, nurses and technicians are dedicated to helping your employees regain their strength and mobility and get back to work. We have the resources to put patients in touch with everything needed to make a strong recovery; from education to surgery, rehabilitation to home care. Lafayette Orthopaedic Clinic applies innovative and comprehensive care, taking your employees’ needs and lifestyle into consideration. In that way, we produce better clinical outcomes and more lasting results, meaning your employees can return to being productive employees for your business sooner. 

In response to our employers’ requests, we have added a dedicated Workers Compensation Case Manager to our practice.


Karren Pass, RN, CCM
1411 South Creasy Lane, Suite 120
Lafayette, IN 47905
PH: 765.446.5346
FX: 765.446.5347

Karren joined Lafayette Orthopaedic Clinic in 2009. She has over 10 years of direct experience in the Workers Compensation field. Her experiences provide her with a wide range of knowledge on work related injuries occurring in environments ranging from light duty to manufacturing.

As Lafayette Orthopaedic Clinic's dedicated Workers Compensation Case Manager, Karren is able to serve you and your employees with greater efficiency and attention to all of your individual needs.

Unity Healthcare Workers Compensation Brochure

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